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Wishart School office will be open until July 7th at Noon.  If your student has items to pick up please contact the school once you arrive and items will be brought out to you (250-478-9528)

The office will open again on August 30th at 8:00 am.  Students first day of school for the 2021-2022 school year is September 7th, 2021.

Have a safe and wonderful summer!


Before contacting the school regarding password re-sets please try this link –  MyEd BC Parent Portal Temp Password Lookup Tool 

The parent portal is now open.  Any parents unable to log in – please try to re-set your password.  If you are unable to re-set your password without assistance please email the school (nolsten@sd62.bc.ca) to inform us.  Once your passwords/usernames have been set up for you you will receive an email.

“MyEdBC” is a secured online portal used by most school districts in BC. Security is guided by BC’s School Act and FoIPPA. In the Family Portal, parents can:

  • Check attendance
  • Ensure contact information is up to date
  • See assessments/grade information/transcripts
  • View report cards and summary of progress reports (not in elementary schools at this time)

How to log in and access MyEducationBC:

  • For our initial log in you must use a laptop or desktop computer. After the initial log in, you can use your phone or other devices.
  • Make sure pop‐ups are enabled for your browser
  • Please follow the instructions on the attached document  to login and change your password-  SD#62 – MyEdBC Family Portal Instructional Manual

In preparation of publishing MyEducation BC year end student summary progress reports, we have developed a tool to help parents/guardians look up their temporary MyEducation BC parent portal password. If you have never accessed MyEducation BC Parent portal, please see attached instructions to help you with this- MyEd BC Parent Portal Temp Password Lookup Tool

Please familiarize yourself with your MyEd parent portal as your child’s information and summary progress reports are located there. While you are in your parent portal, please double check that all your information (contacts, address, etc) are correct. If you need to change your information or need further assistance, please contact your child’s school.


Please find below the school supply lists for the 2021-2022 school year :

Grade 1
Grade 2
Grade 3
Grade 4 – 5




We have moved this information – Please look for PAC news, fun food and fundraisers information on the PAC page (under “Parents”/”Parent Advisory Council”)


Moving??? If you know that your family is moving over the summer and you have not yet informed the office please do so ASAP. Thank you for your help with this.

Leaving Early???if you are planning on starting your summer early and know that your child will not be in attendance on the last day  we would ask that you please ensure that you collect all of their belongings before leaving. Summer office hours are listed on our website so please swing by if possible during those times to collect report cards. Any unclaimed report cards will be available from the office for pick up once again when school re-opens during the final week of August.



It is School Board Policy that animals are not allowed to be on School District property. The purpose of this policy and procedure is to ensure the greatest possible level of safety for students and staff with regard to animals on School District property and in school buildings. This general prohibition includes domestic dogs, cats, birds, and other pets, and especially applies to potentially dangerous exotic animals.

Some exceptions may be allowed, only with the prior approval of the Principal, and could include:
– Vision, hearing and service dogs.
– Police dogs under the control of a police officer.
– Pets for show-and-tell.
– Small pets kept in classrooms under the supervision and care of a teacher.
– A demonstration at a school assembly.

Prior to allowing animals in schools or classrooms, steps are to be taken to ensure that students and employees are not allergic to the presence of these animals, that the animals will present no physical danger to students or employees, and that the animals are free from any disease or parasites.  Prior to introducing any animals into classrooms and using animals as part of the educational program, teachers shall make all efforts to ensure that students receive instruction in the proper care and handling of animals. Owners of animals will be responsible for the safe and sanitary removal of their pet’s excrement from buildings and grounds.


Please ensure that your child is dressed for all weather – rain, cold, heat as students will be going outside daily.  Please provide an extra set of clothes for your students to have at the school.  This will enable them to be comfortable if they get dirty or wet during the school day; it will also prevent phone calls home during the day.


Parents/Guardians have the opportunity to pay for school and district fees online. SD62 uses School Cash Online, a program which provides parents with the convenience of paying school and district fees online.

To sign up to use School Cash Online, please follow these steps:

  1. Read the Instructions
  2. Fill out the Consent Form

You must fill out a separate consent form for each child

Already signed up for an account during online bus registration?

Great! Please skip to “Step 6” in the instructions linked above.

Why do you need to fill out a consent form?

The system is designed to extract some of your child’s personal information contained in MyEdBC (Ministry school database) with School Cash Online. This information will be shared through a secured FTP (file transfer protocol) site (similar to online banking) and will only be used for the purpose of student fees and online payments.

We hope to have the first information transfer complete by mid November. Once your child’s information is transferred, you will be able to sign into your school cash online account, choose your child and attach him or her to your account to pay their fees.

We will send you more information closer to mid November regarding the second phase of the online program.

For inquiries about account setup and using the system, please email schoolcashschool@sd62.bc.ca.

For general information about fees, please contact your child’s school.


All schools in the Sooke School District now have a school app that can be downloaded to your phones.  Any information sent out to the parent population and noted on our website are pushed through to our school app.  To keep yourself up to date when you don’t have access to your email or the school website please download from your app store.