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In preparation for the New Year, all Library books are to be returned on the week of December 16th, before the winter holidays begin.  Intermediate students will be permitted to take 1 chapter book out over the holidays, if they have returned all previous checked out books. 

Thank you so much as this helps to keep our Library inventory organized and up to date. 

Have a wonderful Holiday Season,
Ms. Butte.



This year Wishart will be supporting the Goldstream Foodbank by participating in 12 days of giving.  Each day from December 2 – December 17 we will be collecting items around a specific theme.  Within each day’s theme we have given some ideas of items to bring in for the foodbank.

Monday, December 2nd Canned Goods fruits, vegetables, soup, fish, beans
Tuesday, December 3rd Pasta and Grains noodles, sauce, rice, oats, quinoa
Wednesday, December 4th Toiletries toothpaste, soap, shampoo, toilet paper, feminine hygiene, razors
Thursday, December 5th Drinks coffee, tea, hot chocolate, juice
Friday, December 6th Breakfast cereal, pancake mix, syrup, oatmeal
Monday, December 9th Snacks crackers, cookies, granola bars, fruit snacks, fruit cups
Tuesday, December 10th Pets because they need stuff too
Wednesday, December 11th Baking flour, sugar, cake mixes, vanilla
Thursday, December 12th Condiments ketchup, peanut butter, mayo, mustard, pickles, jam, salad dressing
Friday, December 13th Treats candy, chocolate, cookies, Christmas treats
Monday, December 16th Christmas Dinner all the various fixings
Tuesday, December 17th Monetary Donations and Everything Else the food bank can make money go far and provide the many fresh items we are unable to collect, last chance to bring all other items that will help support families.




Please find attached a copy of the concert songs and costumes for the December 11th and 12th performances. Concert Costume Information

Wishart Elementary Schools Christmas Celebration of Music will be taking place on December 11th and 12th.  Due to the increase in our school population divisions have been given performance days.  Shows for both days are being held at 1:00 and 6:30 pm, tickets are required. Dress Rehearsals will be held December 10th (Group 1)  at 10:40 and December 11th (Group 2) at 10:40 no tickets are required.

Performance days are as follows:

Wednesday, December 11, 2019
Wishart Choir
Division 1 – Brajcich
Division 4 – Constable
Division 6 – Gill
Division 7 – Bevan
Division 9 – DeJongh
Division 11 – Bowen
Division 12 – Stewart
Division 13 – Bryant
Division 16 – St.Jean
Division 18 – Coombes

Thursday, December 12, 2019
Wishart Choir
Division 2 – Webber
Division 3 – McLeod
Division 5 – Hamilton
Division 8 – Walkey
Division 10 – Agnew
Division 14 – Anderson
Division 15 – Lewis
Division 17 – Davidson
Division 19 – New

Watch for more information regarding costume requirements! As in the past there will only be 2 tickets per family due to the amount of families need to accommodate Wishart.


All schools in the Sooke School District now have a school app that can be downloaded to your phones.  Any information sent out to the parent population and noted on our website are pushed through to our school app.  To keep yourself up to date when you don’t have access to your email or the school website please download from your app store.


This is a friendly reminder that all visitors to Wishart School must sign in at the office when they arrive in the building. This includes parents, guest and even volunteers. There is a sign-in sheet in the office and the process is quick and simple. Please remember to sign out when you leave. If your student is being picked up early a parent must come in to the building to sign them out.

The office staff might know you are in the building but not everyone will! This regulation is part of our Emergency Preparedness policy and is in the interest of the safety of our students, staff and general school community. If you have any questions about this long standing regulation, please kindly direct them to the Principal at your child’s school. They will be more than happy to talk with you about it


Dear Parents / Guardians,

We are pleased to let you know that the Sooke School District’s student information system called “MyEducationBC” has a module that we will be launching for all of elementary students and families beginning Monday, November 4th, using a staggered roll out, the district will bring schools onto the Family Portal over the duration of the week (Nov.4‐8).

MyEducationBC’s Family Portal has been opened for Middle and Secondary students since June 2019 and we look forward to our elementary parents having access to this informative tool.

The goals of the staged implementation are:

  • To create awareness for parents about the Family Portal and encourage them to log on and gain access to the portal
  • Parents can review their demographics (name, address, contacts) and provide feedback to the schools if updates are necessary

Once the district has had an initial week to implement the opening of the Portal and support parents gaining online access, parents will be able to use the portal to check their child’s daily attendance and in the future have access to report cards online. Beginning November 18th, parents will be able to use the Family Portal to confirm their child has arrived at school in the morning. Prior to the November 18th, parents may see attendance information for their child on the Family Portal however as we train staff & parents and implement this new system, we ask parents recognize the attendance data may not be correct during the first week and to rely on the systems, we currently have in place to confirm and communicate attendance.

What is MyEducationBC?

“MyEdBC” is a secured online portal used by most school districts in BC. Security is guided by BC’s School Act and FoIPPA. In the Family Portal, parents can:

  • Check attendance
  • Ensure contact information is up to date
  • See assessments/grade information/transcripts
  • View report cards and summary of progress reports (not in elementary schools at this time)
  • How to log in and access MyEducationBC:

    Between November 4th and November 8th a Parent Portal Account will be for created each family and an e‐mail will be sent to the e‐mail account that you have provided the school with. The message will look like this:

    • For our initial log in you must use a laptop or desktop computer. After the initial log in, you can use your phone or other devices.
    • Make sure pop‐ups are enabled for your browser
    • Please follow the instructions on the attached document  to login and change your password-  SD#62 – MyEdBC Family Portal Instructional Manual

    Once inside the MyEducationBC system you can navigate around to view information for your student(s). If you have a child in middle/secondary schools in the district, you will have already gained access and will not receive and additional email.

    Who has access to the Portal?

          • Teachers, Principals and Vice Principal
          • Parents/Guardians (two max per child)
          • Students – each student has their own login



    Welcome to Wishart Elementary’s Fun Food and Popcorn untitledDays! Please click on the “How To” instructions to set up an account for your family in order to access the online “Hotlunch” ordering application

    2019 Instructions for setup

    December – cut off November 29th at Midnight
    December 6th – Cob’s Day
    December 13th – Kernels Popcorn Day
    December 20th – Hot Dog Day


    There will be no exceptions made so please don’t delay in ordering.  If you have any questions at all, please email us at: wishartfunfood@gmail.com.  Thank you very much. We look forward to another fun year with everyone.


    If the weather is such that we need to bring students in to the building prior to the bell we would ask the following:

    – prior to 8:35 am students will be sitting in the gym.
    – after 8:35 students in Grades 1-5 will go to their classrooms.
    – after 8:35 students in Kindergarten will continue to wait in the gym with their caregiver until the classroom teacher arrives.


    Sooke School District has set up a electronic consent portal for parents.  If you have not already done so, please use this link https://consent.sd62.bc.ca/ to sign your student(s) up for the following consents:

    • Fresh Grade
    • General School Fieldtrips (allows for neighbourhood walks with buddies etc.)
    • Google Apps for Education
    • Internet Access
    • Media
    • School Cash Online
    • Aboriginal Education Form

    Parents volunteering for field trips or classroom work require a volunteerCriminal Record Check when working with our students. This needs to be completed and on file at the school office prior to volunteering. Criminal record checks for the Sooke School District are to be completed through the Ministry of Justice.

    Driving any students in a private vehicle also requires a completed Criminal Records Check as well as a driver’s abstract from ICBC and  a copy of your valid driver’s license and insurance showing a minimum of $1,000,000 liability.  These are now required for all volunteers when driving for field trips and must be in to the office at least 72 HOURS PRIOR to driving or attending a field trip. Please see the link with information below.

    Criminal Record Check and ICBC Drivers Abstract forms

    The school office will keep your CRC and Drivers abstract on file for three years from the date of its receipt. Vehicle insurance and drivers license must be submitted yearly.

    Thank you again for volunteering your time so our children can have the best educational opportunities.