Morning supervision
Morning supervision for all students starts at 8:15 am. Please do not bring children to school earlier than 8:15. Children who arrive at school on the bus have separate supervision. Thank you for your help with important student safety issue.

Afternoon supervision
If you are going to be late picking up your child, please inform school staff and we will keep your child safe.

Wishart Routines and Reminders

  • Please be respectful of the coned off areas around the school. We request that parents/caregivers stay behind the cones during drop-off and pick-up times. With over 460 students at Wishart, this creates a safe space for students, and ensures safety for our littlest learners.
  • Thanks to all parents for adhering to our signage for reserved parking at all times. This includes all marked staff parking stalls, disabled parking and bus zone.
  • When your child is late in the morning, upon arrival please bring them to the office and we will take them to their class.
  • Our District Policy in SD62 states that dogs are not permitted on the school grounds. We have a large population of children and families at drop-off and pick up times and we ask that you not bring dogs onto the school property. Thank you for your help.