Wishart School Supporters (WSS, also known as the Parents Advisory Council) spends all the
money they raise on your kids! And better than that, you can help while you run errands!
Check out the super-easy fundraising they’ve got going on:

Cobb’s Bread
We know which side our bread is buttered on – the Wishart side! When buying any of the delicious items from Cobb’s,
simply mention Wishart School and we receive 5% of the value of your purchase. It’s the yeast you can do! Now eligible at both
Cobb’s locations.

Glenwood Meats
When buying any wonderful food items from Glenwood Meats please submit your receipt to the school office ; Glenwood Meats generously gives 10% back to Wishart!

Forester’s at Olympic View Golf Club
Enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner at Forester’s located at beautiful Olympic View Golf Course.  Mention Wishart School and 10% of the bill goes back to the school!  All ages welcome – Great Kids Menu available!


Thank you for supporting Wishart students!!