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Please remember that none of our Fun Food days can happen without the support of our Wishart families. If you are able to spare 30 minutes, an hour or the duration of the ‘food day’ (which isn’t usually too long), please be sure to let us know. We’re always looking for volunteers. Our online ordering application allows you to “check a box” and say you’ll be there! A great way to get to know other Wishart families and stay connected to the school. A reminder email will also be sent to remind you of your volunteer date.

There will not be any paper ordering available.

Each year, the system gets “RESET” and all of the previous year’s info is deleted, with the exception of ‘credits’ – they stay on your account as soon as you create your new login ID + password and using the same email address as the previous year.

Things are looking different as we start out this school year, and for now, we are only able to offer Kernel’s Popcorn Days. 

The “How To” instructions on setting up an account for your family in order to access the online “Hotlunch” ordering is accessible here: 2020 Instructions for set up

If you have any questions at all, please email us at: wishartfunfood@gmail.com  We look forward to another fun year with everyone.


  • Go to https://wishart.hotlunches.net – you will definitely want to bookmark this page as this is where you will always login from and all info regarding the Fun Food program will be posted here for easy reference.
  • Click on the REGISTER tab (located on the top right hand side of the page). The school access code this year is: WEFF2020 (it is case sensitive). Enter your “Parent” information (this will only need to be done once). The email address that you provide us will be used to send you a REMINDER each Sunday of what you ordered for your child(ren) for that coming week. The Preferred User ID + password will be what you use to login to the Hotlunch application for the entire year.
  • Once you have completed all the fields, click on “Register Now” (located on bottom left side). You have now created yourself a Family Account. The next screen you’re taken to is in the Hotlunch application itself. This is where you need to setup your child(ren) individually.
  • Click on the “Students” tab on the bottom left hand side and enter your child’s information and then click “Insert”. (If your child has an allergy that is not listed here, please contact us at: wishartfunfood@gmail.com and let us know what it is. We can manually add it on after.
  • The next screen you are taken to shows your child’s name and class. If you have more children to enter, then click on “Add New”. Otherwise, if this is your only child you can now click on the “Orders” tab at the top and get ready to start ordering their Fun Food.

There is a HELP button on the main screen that contains FAQ and Parent Instruction Guide. Or you can email the Fun Food Coordinators @ wishartfunfood@gmail.com – please note we do try and respond quickly, however, we’re all working Mom’s with families so we do what we can 🙂

Payment options will be one of the following:

  1. Bambora – you would use this to pay by Visa, MasterCard, Discover and AMEX credit cards, or Visa Debit cards; ORPayment options will be one of the following:
  2. Interac e-Transfer – from your bank account – email address would be: wishartfunfood@gmail.com and the answer to the question that you need to provide should always be WISHART (all upper-case please). Please do not make up any other passwords. As well, please be sure to include a message stating your child(ren)’s name and that this is for KERNEL’S POPCORN, otherwise our Treasurer has no way of differentiating between Fun Food and Fundraiser payments and becomes very time-consuming to sort out.You can e-Transfer a chunk of money at once and a CREDIT will be put onto your account so you can use it to draw down for future Fun Food/Popcorn Days.

We DO NOT accept any Cash or Cheques 

Payments must be in by the Ordering Deadline in order for your child(ren) to receive their food – no exceptions.

Please also note that there will not be any extra food for purchase on the Fun Food day.

If your child is absent on a lunch/treat day, and you have ordered and paid for food, please be aware that you can come in at lunch and pick up their order from us. Email us ASAP @ wishartfunfood@gmail.com to make arrangements. If we do not hear from you, we will assume that you would like us to donate the food. No refunds will be given.

Once orders have been sent off to the Vendor(s), there are unfortunately no cancellations. We have committed to that Vendor and therefore, we must pay for it. You can always email us and ask us to give the order to a friend or, if it is non-perishable items, we can leave it in the classroom for your child(ren).