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To maintain the health and safety of students and staff, the following changes have been made during drop-off and pick-up times starting MONDAY, NOVEMBER 23RD:


  • We encourage parents to ‘DROP & GO’ or ‘KISS & GO’ at the parking lot
  • There will be cones placed both in the front of the school and at the back on the black top area
  • Please drop your children off at the designated areas behind the cones
  • Wishart staff will guide students to their cohort areas
  • Please DO NOT ENTER THE ZONED OFF AREAS DURING DROP OFF AND PICK UP TIMES – this is a safety bubble for students and staff
  • Please drop-off child/ren as close to 8:45 am and limit your time on school grounds
  • We always encourage parents to wear a mask and maintain social distancing
  • Please do not enter the school including portables at any time


  • If you’re picking up your child/ren during the school day, please wait outside the office door and call the office (250 478 9528)


      1. BACK OF THE SCHOOL: all parents/daycare providers, please stay behind the zoned off area
      2. Teachers/supervisors will bring your children to you, this includes KINDERGARTEN STUDENTS
      3. There should be no parents/daycare providers on the black top area immediately behind the school
      4. Please give students space to leave safely
      5. FRONT OF SCHOOL: please stay behind the coned off areas
      6. Kindergarten parents: supervisors or teachers will be there to help bring your child/ren to you